Declutt Air have invested heavily in the latest decontamination & cleaning technologies to ensure we are able to deliver professional Deep Cleaning & Decontamination products to the highest level, with the safest industry standards followed.

We endeavour to accommodate timeframes that suit you and your business continuity needs.

Who can we help?

We work with a number of different sectors to ensure their environments are free from contamination.

Theatres, recovery and preoperative environments

Educational facilities including Schools, Colleges and Universities

Pharmaceutical Companies to ensure they have a comprehensively decontaminated environment

Food Production Companies


Emergency Services

In fact, our products work anywhere that is in need of microbial control and decontamination including a wide range of vehicles including plant machinery.

Our Team

At Declutt Air we have a team of dedicated professionals who are on hand 24/7 to help you and your business with any enquiries. With over 30 years’ experience in the HVAC industry and over 50 years of combined sales experience, our team are here to provide you with an exceptional, informative and COVID-19 safe service. 

Mark Smith


With 30 years experience within the HVAC industry and over 28 within the cleaning sector, my expertise are within the technical and repair side of Declutt Air, bringing my knowledge and experience to the front of the business.

I have built businesses from the ground up making it my job to always problem solve for clients and always going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

I excel in bringing together dynamic teams and helping businesses evolve by bringing them the best of the best in the business, no matter what sector.

My interests include Golf, Darts, Walking and Dining out.


How we deliver Covid 19 protection with the Declutt Air Machine

‘Declutt Air has developed a structured 4-step process designed around the Declutt Air Machine to be used in all types of vehicles to ensure the COVID-19 decontamination is thorough, safe and effective.

When you are looking to hire the Declutt Air machine, we can arrange for a member of your staff to be placed on our thorough Declutt Air training programme which will enable them to operate the Declutt Air machine confidently and safely.

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Evaporator Decontamination

During this initial stage the specially formulised cleaner is introduced to the evaporator.

Application of H1N1 Disinfection

Next thoroughly apply our disinfection process, focusing on all possible touch points in the treatment area.

Purification Phase

The next stage is to sterilise the treatment area methodically with specialised utensils.

Declutt AIR Decontamination

The last element to this process is the use of our Declutt Air Machine in order to complete the decontamination of the treatment area.

Why choose us for your Coronavirus Protection?

Declutt Air decontamination is a sustainable and cost-effective approach to business continuity throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will help you and your team autously maintain a Coronavirus secure environment, so your organisation comes through the pandemic resiliently, confidently and safely.

Putting in place an effective COVID-19 decontamination programme provides critical support for the safety and, just as importantly, the mental wellbeing of staff and customers. They will be confident that everything is being done to protect their safety.

Our COVID-19 disinfection products will help you protect operations that are critical to your business.

Comfortable and easy to use

The Breeze weighs approximately 7kg when full, so is comfortable to wear in all environments. Simply connect the battery pack, turn on using the accessible hand switch, then pull the handle trigger to spray a fine mist that covers hard-to-reach surfaces.

Quick to dispense sanitising chemical

The Breeze dispenses sanitising chemical quickly to help fight against germs and viruses, such as Covid-19.

Suitable for all environments

The Breeze is suitable for all environments, including: schools, hospitals, food areas, industrial settings, as well as interior and exterior areas

Training for your team can drastically improve the productivity, comfort and efficiency of your staff, whilst reducing the element of human health and safety risk. That’s why we make it our mission to give you all the information you need to be able to get the best out of your ‘Declutt Breeze Machine’. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration

Book for School & Education Cleaning – The Breeze

At Declutt Air we understand the importance of protecting the health and well-being of staff and pupils and understand how big schools can be to clean thoroughly. We provide non-hazardous school cleaning services, using The Declutt Breeze Machine, from primary and secondary schools right through to colleges and universities.

Our professional technicians are fully trained, DBS checked and equipped to provide a comprehensive and reputable service.

By using Declutt Air, we can work with you to agree on a cost-effective, tailored cleaning schedule that meets all your cleaning needs, regardless of budget, that will result in giving your staff more time to focus on more important things, and save your school money!

Why book a school clean with Declutt Air?

All technical Data available

Fully managed service

Tailored cleaning services

Personal point of contact

Non Hazardous Chemicals

Our Available Products


Our method statements ensure best practice for potentially hazardous activities performed at our premises.


Instruction and training will be given to an allocated member of staff who may use our COSHH substances.

Environmental ARRANGEMENTS

We take measures to protect the environment, including recycling and the safe removal of waste where able.


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